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Sorority Jute Tote-Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Canvas Tote Black Sorority Shorts - Kappa
Kappa Canvas Tote
Our Price: $29.00
Blue Sorority Shorts - Kappa Texas Sorority Shorts - Kappa SB Kappa Hat
SB Kappa Hat
Our Price: $40.00
USA Flag Kappa Beach Towel Kappa Kappa Gamma USA Sorority Flag Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Flag
Kappa Kappa Gamma Pool Towel Lemon Sun Blanket - Kappa Stripe Sun Blanket - Kappa
Lemon Sun Blanket - Kappa
Our Price: $52.00
NNY Beaded Choker - Kappa NNY Gold Letter Ring - Kappa Kappa Gamma NNY Silver Letter Ring  Kappa Kappa Gamma
NNY Beaded Choker - Kappa
Our Price: $34.00
Morse Code Necklace - Kappa Kappa Gamma Morse Code Kappa Kappa Gamma Bracelet Silver Pin Box - Kappa
Silver Pin Box - Kappa
Our Price: $34.00
Beaded Round Silver Box -  Kappa Kappa Kappa Gamma Waxing & Poetic Charm WP Small Fleur De Lis Charm
Pearl Bracelet - Kappa Kappa Gamma Laiton Bracelet - Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Jon Hart Chico
Kappa Jon Hart Chico
Our Price: $37.00
Jon Hart Clear Grande - Kappa Jon Hart Airport Chico - Kappa Jon Hart Luggage Tag - Kappa
Jon Hart Key Ring - Kappa Kappa Kappa Gamma Gold Bangle Sorority Gold Bar Necklace -  Kappa
Jon Hart Key Ring - Kappa
Our Price: $32.00
Athena Necklace - Kappa Gold Charm for Kappa Kappa Gamma Silver Charm for Kappa Kappa Gamma
Athena Necklace - Kappa
Our Price: $29.00
Kappa Keepsake Blanket Kappa Gray Blanket Kappa Navy Blanket
Kappa Keepsake Blanket
Our Price: $52.00
Kappa Gray Blanket
Our Price: $46.00
Kappa Navy Blanket
Our Price: $46.00
Navy Plush Blanket - Kappa White Plush Blanket - Kappa Grey Plush Blanket - Kappa
Throw Pillow - Kappa Kappa Neon Pink Fanny Kappa Navy Fanny Pack (Navy)
Throw Pillow - Kappa
Our Price: $30.00
Kappa Neon Pink Fanny
Our Price: $24.75
Kappa Light Blue Fanny Pack Waffle Robe - Kappa Kappa Gamma Pajama Pants - Kappa
Pajama Pants - Kappa
Our Price: $39.00
Sorority Towel Wrap - Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Cutting Board Kappa Stone Sorority Hat
Kappa Cutting Board
Our Price: $24.00
Kappa Stone Sorority Hat
Our Price: $25.00
Kappa Est. Blue Sorority Hat White Greek Script Hat - Kappa Waffle Robe - Kappa
Waffle Robe - Kappa
Our Price: $46.00
Gray Sweatshirt - Kappa Kappa Rain Jacket Gray Fleece - Kappa
Gray Sweatshirt - Kappa
Our Price: $48.00
Kappa Rain Jacket
Our Price: $60.00
Gray Fleece - Kappa
Our Price: $49.00
Navy Sweatshirt - Kappa 2 Colors Navy Sweatshirt - Kappa Washed Orange UT Hat- Kappa
Navy Sweatshirt - Kappa
Our Price: $48.00
Gray Fleece - UT Kappa UT Kappa Rain Jacket Gray Sweatshirt - UT Kappa
Gray Fleece - UT Kappa
Our Price: $49.00
UT Kappa Rain Jacket
Our Price: $60.00
Gray Fleece - Baylor Kappa BAYLOR Kappa Rain Jacket Gray Sweatshirt - Baylor Kappa
BAYLOR Kappa Rain Jacket
Our Price: $60.00
Gray Fleece - A&M Kappa Gray Sweatshirt - A&M Kappa Dad Sorority Hat - KKG
Gray Fleece - A&M Kappa
Our Price: $49.00
Dad Sorority Hat - KKG
Our Price: $25.00
Trinket Tray - Kappa Kappa Gamma Key Cookie Cutter Fleur de Lis Cookie Cutter
Key Cookie Cutter
Our Price: $3.00
Sorority Ring Dish - Kappa Kappa Kappa Gamma Swig - 9oz Sorority Swig 20 oz. - Kappa
Kappa Crew Socks (band style) SB Key Fob- Kappa Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Car Decal
SB Key Fob- Kappa
Our Price: $33.00
USA Decal - Kappa Motel Keychain - Kappa Retro Stickers - Kappa
USA Decal - Kappa
Our Price: $7.00
Motel Keychain - Kappa
Our Price: $9.00
Retro Stickers - Kappa
Our Price: $11.00
Kappa Koala Pouch Beaded Sterling Silver Chain Kappa Gold Styrofoam Cups
Kappa Koala Pouch
Our Price: $9.50
Kappa Kappa Gamma Waffle Bag - Navy Sorority Pillowcase for Kappa Kappa Gamma G&U Kappa Tumbler
G&U Kappa Tumbler
Our Price: $4.50
Kappa Kappa Gamma Notecards UT Kappa Pin Kappa Pin
UT Kappa Pin
Our Price: $3.50
Kappa Pin
Our Price: $3.50
KKG Game Day Pin Kappa Loves the Horns Pin Baylor Kappa heart the Bears (green) Pin
KKG Game Day Pin
Our Price: $3.50
Baylor KKGameday white Pin Baylor Kappa white Pin License Plate Holder for KKG
Baylor Kappa white Pin
Our Price: $3.50
Kappa Sorority Patch Burlap Zipper Pouch
Kappa Sorority Patch
Our Price: $7.00
Burlap Zipper Pouch
Our Price: $24.00