Greek & Unique!
Largest Sorority Store in Austin.

Greek and Unique opened its doors in April 2012. The owners, Lisa and Todd Lewis, have long ties to Austin and have four children. The idea was born on an unsuccessful shopping trip with Lisa's niece in Austin for Greek clothing and gifts. Greek and Unique fills a longtime void in the Greek gift and apparel market in the Central Texas area. We are blessed that God has given us the opportunity to meet and build relationships with all of our customers.

Lisa and Todd met while students at Baylor and enjoyed the Greek life there. Their Greek experience combined with business expertise gained from their many years at Dell provides a foundation that helps Greek and Unique exceed its customers' expectations. Greek and Unique's vision is to offer high quality, unique style and craftsmanship along with a level of personalized customer service that has all but disappeared in today's society.

Thank you for visiting, and hope to see you soon! Feel free to call us at 512-206-0011 or text us at 512-640-2376 if you have any product questions.


Lisa Lewis